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CasHere - Safe Loan Get Here Easy and Fast

CasHere - Safe Loan Get Here Easy and Fast

Instant Online Personal Loan. Quick audit and disburse in half an hour.
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CasHere - Safe Loan Get Here Easy and Fast Description

1. Loan Limit: ₹3,000 ~ ₹ 50,000
2. Tenure: minimum tenure is 3 Months, maximum tenure is 20 Months
3. Interest Rates: minimum APR is 10%, maximum APR is 33% (Annual Percentage Rate, APR ) ( Less interest for users with good credit )
4. Processing fee: This fee is for bank account validations, auditors hiring, etc.. It is 10% ~ 15% of loan principal, and will be charged only once for each loan.
5. One Time Onboarding Fee: ₹80 (Fixed amount for new users only being taken once)
Credit Assessment Fee: 0% ~ 6% of loan principal
6. GST: GST is 18% and applicable to processing fee, one time onboarding fee, credit assessment fee, and will be charged only once for each loan.
7. Late Charge: This fee is ONLY applicable when borrowers repay bill overdue. There is NO Late Charge when you repay on time or in advance. This fee is standard practice across all India financial institution. Late Charge is 2% of overdue unpaid principal per day.

For example, if the loan amount is ₹20,000 with tenure of 91 days, then the loan subject and fees are as follows:

1. Loan principal: ₹20,000
2. Interest: ₹20,000 * 33% / 365 * 91 = ₹ 1645.4
3. Processing Fees: ₹20,000 * 14% = ₹ 2800
4. One Time onboarding fee: ₹80
5. Credit Assessment Fee: ₹20,000*5%=₹ 1000
6. GST: (2800+80+1000) *18%=₹ 698.4
7. Penalty Interest: if you have ₹2000 overdue of unpaid principal, then the Penalty Interest is ₹40 per day.

Repayment Plan:

The entire repayment will be divided into 3 EMI, each EMI lasts for one month.
For example, if you want to borrow ₹20000 for 3 months, the total repayment amount will be ₹21645.4. The repayment plan is:

1. First EMI:
Payment amount ₹7215.1 = (principal: ₹6666.6 + interest: ₹548.5)

2. Second EMI:
Payment amount ₹7215.1 = (principal: ₹6666.6 + interest: ₹548.5)

3. Third EMI:
Payment amount ₹7215.1 = (principal: ₹6666.6 + interest: ₹548.5)

How is CasHere different from other personal loan app in India?

CasHere is a modern and famous well-developed platform which provides pure online personal loan service with high quality to its users. It is presented by Golden Digger Technology Private Limited, the fintech company and Kemex Engineering Private Limited, which is RBI registered NBFC.

With our excellent financial technology, money could be disbursed to eligible users’ personal account safely and quickly within a half hour.

CasHere Features?

1. CasHere audits and disburses very quickly, mostly less than 30 minutes.
2. It is extremely safe and simple to apply loan, just using your mobile phone and digital profile.
3. 7x24 access to loans.
4. Loan service is available across all India.
5. Convenience of payment through various methods.
6. Regular customers with good credit could have higher limit and lower interest and fee.


1. Indian Resident.
2. Above the age of 21 years, below 56 years
3. Source of a monthly income.

How CasHere works?

1. Install CasHere APP from the Google play Store
2. Register an account using your mobile phone
3. Fill your personal information and submit
4. CasHere grant you with credit in several minutes
5. Submit loan apply after getting your loan credit limit
6. Auditor may ask you some questions on phone
7. Get your money in your bank account once approved

Security & Protection of Privacy:

Your information is ONLY used to audit loan apply and contact when collection. We keep your information using many encrypt rules and safeguards. We do not share your data with any third parties without your consent.

Contact Us:

Customer Service Email: [email protected]

Working Hours: 9 am to 18 pm (Monday to Friday)

Address: #5th Floor, SREI Signature, Plot No 14A, Anath Road, Udyog Vihar, Sec-18, GURUGRAM, Gurgaon, Haryana, India, 122015

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