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Ria Money Transfer – Send Money Online Anywhere

Ria Money Transfer – Send Money Online Anywhere

Send money worldwide quickly, simply & securely with the all new Ria app
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Ria Money Transfer – Send Money Online Anywhere Description

Downloading the Ria Money Transfer app gives you access to our 369,000+ locations worldwide in the palm of your hand. Our enhanced mobile experience makes it easy to select a preferred way to send money with the best exchange rates available. Plus, with our ever-expanding network, the funds are transferred conveniently to friends or family via bank deposit, cash, or home delivery.

Why use Ria Money Transfer for your money-sending needs? We can think of a few reasons!

Speed and Convenience
Say goodbye to the days of carrying around checks or cash, and wiring money. With Ria's mobile app you can send money right from your couch! Ria strives to provide an expedited money transfer process. Funds reach their destination in as little as 15 minutes. Additionally, repeat transfers are now faster than ever! Just swipe a finger, and your money is on its way.

Easy to Use
Our newly-improved application makes sending money easier than ever. The modernized visual design, versatile functionality, and intuitive money-transfer process were built with your comfort and experience in mind. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Secure and Reliable
We know it’s stressful to send money, so our priority is to help users feel secure sending with Ria. We’ve been in the money-transfer business for over 30 years and know what it takes to keep your information, and money, protected. With over 1 billion transfers securely sent, your money is safe with us.

Great Exchange Rates and Low Fees
At Ria, we want you to get the best rates! Our Check Prices Calculator allows for easy rate comparisons and helps find the most-affordable way to send money to loved ones.

New Features
We’re excited to announce these highly-anticipated features:
- Completely redesigned application
- Clean, easy-to-use user interface
- Smoother transitions and clear steps to complete a money transfer
- Improved functionality of the Price Calculator
- Comprehensive user profiles creating a personalized experience
- Better location data to find the closest payout and send locations
- Revamped cash payment process
- Easily upload payment information with your camera
- Improved transfer tracking details
- Faster repeat transfers
- NEW reverse calculator functionality
- Plus, more to come

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