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당뇨모리 (당뇨병환자를 위한 차세대 인공지능 혈당관리 앱)

당뇨모리 (당뇨병환자를 위한 차세대 인공지능 혈당관리 앱)

Blood sugar management application for diabetics with AI AI
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당뇨모리 (당뇨병환자를 위한 차세대 인공지능 혈당관리 앱) Screenshots

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당뇨모리 (당뇨병환자를 위한 차세대 인공지능 혈당관리 앱) Description

Diabetes Mori is a next-generation blood glucose management application with AI.
Now, just record the blood glucose record as you talk lightly with the diabetic agent.
You can become a diabetic god by recording blood glucose and increasing your score.

Now, start diabetes management with Diabetes Mori!

There are also Diabetes Network applications for diabetes self-management.
Please search for the diabetic group in the search box.

1. Diabetic group-band utility: Diabetic physical activity management Wearable band and interlocking application
2. Diabetic Group Food - Diabetes Diet Management Application
3. Diabetic Group - Fitness: diabetes exercise therapy management application

Thank you for always being with a diabetic.

* Permission request information

[Voice]: A permission required for voice communication with a diabetic Mori AI agent.

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