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Femometer - Fertility Tracker

Femometer - Fertility Tracker

Best Period Tracker, Ovulation Calendar, Pregnancy Calculator, Fertility Tracker
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Femometer - Fertility Tracker Description

Get pregnant faster or avoid pregnancy naturally by understanding your unique menstrual cycle.

Femometer is a smart fertility tracker that understands your unique cycle symptoms and is able to accurately predict your fertile window, pinpoint your ovulation and track period.

• Track crucial symptoms like LH, BBT & CM for fertility & ovulation
• Follow conception guidance; time sex to get pregnant
• Identify ovulation, fertile window & LH peak and get daily personalized insights and advice
• Avoid pregnancy naturally; identify your ‘safe zone’
• Log cycle symptoms & compare with previous months: check for ovulation/early pregnancy signs
• Predict your period with accuracy

*Wanting to get pregnant or use a natural contraception method?*

Trying to conceive (TTC), trying to avoid pregnancy (TTA), or simply trying to track your menstrual cycle? Femometer is an ovulation tracker designed to help with all three, a more accurate fertility tracker and ovulation calculator. It is an intelligent ovulation calculator that helps pinpoint your ovulation and teaches you to log specific symptoms.

*Log the critical symptoms that Femometer uses to understand your cycle and create your predictions*

Femometer enables you to track everything to do with your menstrual cycle, from basal body temperature (BBT), LH ovulation test results, cervical mucus, cervix position, period, physical symptoms, mood & sleep... By guiding you to log accurately, it's able to predict fertile window, ovulation, safe zone, upcoming period and even potential pregnancy. The app learns from your data and helps you better understand your cycle. The more you log, the more precise the app could learn your cycle.

*Auto-generated charts & curves for easy analysis; compare cycle trends*

Femometer will have charts & curves ready for you once you have symptom data input. No manual input is needed if you happen to have Femometer devices. You can track specific symptoms against your cycle, see previous trends and how they relate to upcoming predictions.

*Intelligent analysis & personalized feedback based on your needs*

- Want to get pregnant?
Follow personalized conception advice for the best days to have sex. Check your fertile window and ovulation charts against previous month’s charts, track your cervical mucus and the trends of your BBT chart.

- Want to avoid pregnancy naturally?
Femometer tracks your symptoms to show your fertile days and tells you when you’re in your ‘safe zone’.

*Unlock Prime features for tailored conception guidance*
• Real-time analysis of your data and fertile window to help you get pregnant or avoid pregnancy
• Personalised feedback on your progress
• Tools to analyse your cycles against previous cycles and similar user cycles
• Unlock your data to share with your partner and healthcare provider

Contact Femometer:
Web - https://www.femometer.com
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/femometer/
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/femometer/
Email: [email protected]

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