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Water tracker PRO. Drink water reminder. Hydration

Water tracker PRO. Drink water reminder. Hydration

Drink water to lose weight app. My water balance + diet. Aqua alert, water alarm
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Water tracker PRO. Drink water reminder. Hydration Description

You need an individualized water consumption plan! Your health and well-being depend on water every day!

The app "Water tracker, aqua reminder" will set up a schedule of water consumption according to personal parameters, and also take into account your lifestyle and climate. Moreover, you have the opportunity to create your own plan - for example, to drink water and lose weight. Or to ensure a good intake of water during physical exertion.

Input different drinks, add your own favorite drinks to properly monitor your water balance. The water meter will tell you how much water to drink daily and when. Easily schedule reminders to drink water. And get in the habit of being healthy! The app "Water tracker, aqua reminder" will help you master this important skill.

Time to drink water!

✔️ Medical calculation of the rate of water consumption per day

How much water to drink per day depends on the characteristics of the body. The application will determine a rate based on your parameters.

✔️ Customized settings for your lifestyle

In the hotter seasons and during physical activity you especially need to monitor your body’s water balance.

✔️ It makes it easier to lose weight

Getting started on drinking water for weight loss is your step on the path to slimness and well-being!

✔️ Convenient scheduled reminders to drink water

Reminders to drink water will always come right on time. Create your ideal schedule, select pleasant notification sounds to remember to drink water easily and happily.

✔️ Quick access to your favorite drinks

Mark the water you have drank with one touch of the widget or immediately in the reminder message, add your own unique drinks, easily track your progress and the balance of water in the body.

✔️ Get your body adjusted to healthy habits - for one course!

A scientifically based method will help you gain a stable habit not only to drink water properly, but also to monitor your health.

Get started now! Install the app, drink the first glass of water - you are on your way to a better state of health!

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