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Use the Mysa app to be smarter and save energy and money on electric heat.
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Mysa Description

If you have electric baseboard or fan-forced heaters, Mysa’s the best, most energy efficient smart thermostat for home heating control - and all you need is a WiFi connection.

With remote access from anywhere using the Mysa app, you can set schedules, group Mysas into heating zones, and access more advanced features like smart learning and energy reports. you’ll have the ability to curb your energy use and take control of your busy life from the palm of your hand.

Built for a variety of electric heating systems: baseboards, convectors (short cycle), fan-forced convectors (long cycle), and radiant ceiling.

WiFi Connectivity with smart home systems: Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and, coming soon, Samsung SmartThings and IFTTT.

App Features:

Remote Control: If you have access to your phone, you have access to your home. You’ll have full control of your Mysa from anywhere in the world.

Smooth Scheduling: Our scheduling manager will help you set up an ideal, flexible schedule in a fraction of the time that it takes for programmable thermostats.

Comfort with Zoning: Place multiple Mysas into heating zones to have more precision over where, when, and how your house heats up.

Vacation Mode: Getting away for a bit? Just set up a vacation schedule and switch back to your regular one on your return. It won’t skip a beat.

Smart Learning: Our sensors learn how your house heats and how you use your Mysa, recommending tweaks to your schedule. (Coming soon!)

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