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Alfred Home Security Camera, Baby&Pet Monitor CCTV

Alfred Home Security Camera, Baby&Pet Monitor CCTV

Security cam for watching over the elderly in quarantine during global pandemic
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Alfred Home Security Camera, Baby&Pet Monitor CCTV Description

Alfred Camera is a top home security camera app trusted by more than 15 million families. During this trying time of social distancing and quarantine, Alfred would like to invite you to continue to care for your loved ones remotely. Whether you’re practicing social isolation, have families in quarantine, or are working from home or working remotely, Alfred can help you keep your loved ones safe and have peace of mind.

Health and Safety Tracker During Social Distancing

Are you worried about vulnerable elderlies at home during the outbreak of a global pandemic, yet need to limit social contacts with them because you want to minimize their risk of exposure to infection? Even worse, many nursing homes have now banned family visits. How can you protect them without seeing them? Alfred home security camera can help you watch over your loved ones who may be in quarantine or are practicing social distancing. You simply have to turn your old phone into a security camera. With real-time live tracking, you can always keep a close eye on your elderly parents’ health and safety. Remote Call allows you to stay connected with them instead of making them feel isolated.

Child/Baby Monitor While Working from Home

As more and more schools are closed and cities are on lockdown, lots of people have been ordered to “shelter in place.” Parents who are forced to work from home or practice remote work are struggling to get work done with their kids around. Alfred can also serve as a child monitor/baby monitor so as to secure the quality of your “private moment” during kids’ nap time.


People love Alfred Camera! The all-in-one app provides more features than a basic, expensive security camera. You can get live stream, instant intruder alert, night vision, walkie-talkie, and unlimited cloud storage to store, share, and playback your video footage.


If you want a CCTV to keep an eye on your belongings, a baby monitor to look after your newborn, or a pet cam to entertain your lovely pets, Alfred Camera is your number one choice.


DIY your own home security camera in 3 minutes. No cost, no hard skills; just one creative idea! Alfred Camera is the easiest-to-install home surveillance system with professional-grade features, period.


To defend your front door and backyard, you don’t even need a security guard! Alfred will take care of what matters the most to you. Unlike traditional CCTV cameras or home surveillance cameras, you can put Alfred wherever you need to strengthen security. What's more, you can add or remove a camera whenever you like.

If you rent an apartment, you might want to make sure that your landlord or roommates don’t enter your room without permission. When you travel, you might want to make sure your hotel room is safe. In either case, you need a portable video monitor, with which you can zoom in to capture the details.


First time choosing a CCTV camera? Still hoping to find good reviews on expensive baby monitor, pet cam, or IP camera? You can protect your home with a smarter solution. You don’t even need to buy a real CCTV camera, baby monitor, IP cam, or IP webcam.

Besides the cost of the equipment, these smart home appliances often charge a monthly fee. With security apps like Alfred, you can eliminate complicated installation, IP settings, and contracts. You only have to download Alfred to repurpose your old devices as a DIY WiFi Camera or baby monitor: pure and simple.

Everyone is taking advantage of their unused smartphones by turning them into devices for remote working, health trackers, or fitness devices. So why not use yours as a baby cam, nanny cam, pet cam, surveillance camera, webcam, or IP cam?

Some features of this app require Device Administrator permission.

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