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Regula Document Reader

Regula Document Reader

Recognize document type, perform OCR, read MRZ, electronic chip and...
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Regula Document Reader Description

Recognize document type, perform OCR, read MRZ, electronic chip and barcode data and verify all kinds of identity documents automatically on your device. Take images using the device camera or select images from the gallery. Rapid, reliable, secure. Offline processing. No data leaves your device.

The application demonstrates a Regula Forensics technology that allows applications:
- to automate and simplify form filling with document data on user sign-up/registration,
- to comply with KYC,
- to improve UX for your users and employees.

Whether it is an ICAO 9303 travel document with the MRZ, like a passport, ID card, visa, or a non-ICAO non-machine readable document, like a driver's license, vehicle registration certificate or work permit - you can read and verify its data in an instant.
Position a document in front of the camera and make sure it fully fits in the frame. Lighting conditions do matter - try to get more light but avoid glare and shadow.
The document will be detected, cropped and recognized. Graphic and text fields will be extracted, parsed and verified automatically.

Features and Benefits:
Documents supported and OCR:
- Automatic document type recognition - no need to select a country, document type and series manually
- 8800+ documents from more than 240 countries/territories supported
- OCR of text fields of the visual zone based on document templates included in the database
- OCR supports 70+ languages, including Latin, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Greek and other alphabets
- Automatic splitting of text into separate fields (e.g. dividing an address into a postal code, country, state, etc.)

- ICAO 9303: TD1, TD2, TD3 machine-readable documents and visas supported
- ISO 18013: driver's licenses supported
- Parsing MRZ lines into separate fields
- Many custom / non-standard MRZ formats supported
- Any MRZ position supported: horizontal, vertical, inclined, upside down, etc.
- Decoding ISO codes into country and nationality names
- Transliterating names into national characters (for Russian, Chinese documents)

RFID (using NFC, if present):
- Read data from ePassport, eID and eDL electronic contactless chip
- BAC, PACE, EAC, SAC support
- Perform automatically Chip Authentication v1 and v2, Terminal Authentication v1 and v2, Active Authentication, Passive Authentication
- Full compliance with ICAO 9303, ISO 18013, BSI TR-03105 Part 5.1, 5.2

- 1D and 2D barcode reading and automatic parsing barcode data into text fields using document template specifications (PDF417, QR, Aztec)
- AAMWA data format support in PDF417 codes (for US and Canadian driver's licenses and IDs)
- IATA bar coded boarding passes supported

- Cropping a document from an image and correcting any distortions
- Cropping graphic fields (photo, signature) based on templates

- Verification of check digits
- Validation of dates
- Verification of ISO codes
- Validation of document number format
- Validation of barcode data format
- Age check (optional)
- Cross-comparison of visual zone text fields vs MRZ vs barcode data
- Multi-page document support

Face matching
- Matching document portrait vs live captured

Other important features:
- On-device computations only, no need for a network connection
- Security & Privacy: all your personal data remains on your device
- High performance with high accuracy
- Fully automatic processing
- Working with a live video stream or saved images
- Different scenarios for required functionality
- Portrait and landscape modes support for better camera experience

- SDK with all the functionality available for developers; it is easy to integrate into any application
- SDK is configurable to include only the required functionality for optimal application size

SDK is available for purchase separately.

Please contact us if you have any questions, issues or suggestions

E-mail: [email protected]
Web: mobile.regulaforensics.com

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