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AV Mobile for iOS

AV Mobile for iOS

AV Mobile is a mobile interface to the Avector system...
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AV Mobile for iOS Description

AV Mobile is a mobile interface to the Avector system platforms, AV Core and V3i. Optimum utilization is achieved by combining the mobile solution with Avector's planning tool that is a simple, flexible and easy to use tool to manage and distribute work orders.

AV Mobile is especially designed for users / technicians working within Facility Management. The app works equally well on-line as off-line i.e. if you have mobile coverage or not and automatically recognizes when conditions change and adapts to it. Changes in terms of new jobs or work performed is synchronized continually in the background and does not affect the primary work and ensures that you always have the latest information in the app.

The base of the app is an equipment directory that contains all information about the objects to be maintained including photos and job descriptions.

The user / technician will have their daily work presented in the app either as a calendar or list view. The assigned work will be very easy to understand and the user / technician can easily obtain information about the work in question. The user / technician can continually report back their work time without having to finish working and thus keep their timesheet continually updated. When the work order is finished, it can be easily confirmed with time and expense of any material. The work is typed in different categories that streamlines and improves the level of service to the client / notifier. As all changes can be communicated to the notifier so they can receive a quick and current status of their errand. Should it be necessary to enlist the help of a colleague the work can be divided between several resources, but the time and expense is collected in the same work order.

All accumulated and reported time is presented in a separate interface in the app where the user can also add and edit their reported time before it is marked ready. All the reported time is then presented in a time module in the AV Core and V3i systems where the result, for example, can be used as a basis for payroll.

In order to further facilitate efficiency, the app is equipped with a camera based bar or QR code scanner. This feature makes it easier to both; find the right object and the current tasks.

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