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Roll™ by ADP – Payroll App

Roll™ by ADP – Payroll App

Say hello to a whole new way to payroll. Roll...
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Roll™ by ADP – Payroll App Description

Say hello to a whole new way to payroll. Roll by ADP is a first-of-its-kind, intelligent chat-based payroll app for small businesses. Just chat “run my payroll” — and Roll guides you through the process in under a minute. The Roll mobile app makes it easy to pay your entire team — full-time, part-time, seasonal, W2 and 1099 contractors — in just a few taps.

Roll is faster, easier and more affordable than other payroll solutions. If you know how to chat, you know how to run payroll with Roll by ADP. Set up your account directly within the Roll app in minutes.

Roll for you and your business:

● Easily add new employees, change salaries, give promotions, send bonuses, make updates, and more — all in a chat
● Quickly set up and pay hourly workers, salaried employees and contractors
● Unlimited payroll runs
● Payroll in all 50 states, plus pay people who live and work in different states
● Next-day direct deposit or company check
● Proactive reminders and alerts to help you stay on top of important tasks and deadlines
● See everything you need to do in a super intuitive timeline-based view
● Payroll reports sent to you
● Payroll registers sent to your accountant
● Live chat support with Roll by ADP whenever you need help

Roll for your team:

● Roll is the same app for employers AND employees (easy, right?!) If you’re an employee of a Roll by ADP company, you’re in the right place — download Roll now!
● Easily update home address, marital status, tax withholding and more — simply by starting a chat with Roll
● Payday notifications
● View and print pay summaries and tax statements anytime
● Proactive notifications, task and deadline reminders
● Employee profile for at-a-glance job, pay and benefits info

Plus, Roll brings decades of expertise from ADP. So you get the ease, intelligence and delight of an innovative payroll app with the security and reliability of the biggest name in payroll.

“Honestly, setting up Roll was the easiest process I’ve ever done, and I’ve worked with a lot of payroll companies over the past 20 years. I even told my friend who owns a business that he should switch over because it was the easiest thing in the world, and the price is great. [Intuit] QuickBooks was easy, but Roll is far easier.” - Kimberly and Ken Anaya, owners Anaya Treasures Corporation

With Roll by ADP, running your small business payroll really is as easy as Download. Chat. Pay.

Learn more at: RollByADP.com

Note for employees/workers: This is an app for employers and employees/workers who use the “Roll by ADP” product ONLY. If you are an employee or contractor paid through another ADP product, download that product’s app to access your online account and see your pay stubs. If you are unsure of what payroll product your employer uses, please contact them to find out.

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