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QR Scanner !

QR Scanner !

Using QR Scanner, user can read any QR Code or...
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QR Scanner ! Description

Using QR Scanner, user can read any QR Code or Barcode and can also generate own QR Code with various types. By this app, User can read any QR Code or Barcode from device's Photos and can save inside QR Scanner.

QR & Barcode Scanner or QR & Barcode Reader is extremely easy to use. Open the application, then It automatically points the camera and begin to scan QR code & Barcode which you want to scan or read. After successfully scan QR code and barcode, the outcome/result scene will be popup with scan result and several relevant options are available for the scan data, search the scan result on online, save to Photos, copy to clipboard, share, email to any user, phone to contact person, open URL and many more. This app save all the scan data for future usage.

It can also generate QR codes of Website, Email, Phone, Message, Text and MeCard so on. This app can save all the generated QR codes for future usage and the app has unlimited storage.

All you need to download the app and just point to the QR code you’d like to scan.

- A beautiful, simple and user friendly interface
- Very fast and efficient QR code and Barcode Reader
- QR code and Barcode Scanner gives you extremely accurate result
- In dark room and dark environment, easily active flashlight for scanning
- Smartly scan any Images from your photos/camera roll
- QR code generator allows to create several different QR codes.
- Generate QR code for a website, pick the URL from your phone contacts
- Generate QR code for an Email sample, pick the contact email from your phone contacts
- Generate QR code for a phone number, pick the number from your phone contacts
- Generate QR code for message, pick the contact number from your phone contacts
- Generate QR code for Text Message
- Generate QR code for MeCard and easily pick any information from your phone contacts
- Store and save all scan results for future usage inside history
- Unlimited storage to save your results
- Organized history with date and time format
- Easily search on online web to get the details information of scanned data
- Easily email, message, phone to any contacts
- You can save the scanned result in photos
- You can copy in clipboard and paste data anywhere
- Share options are also available for social sharing
- Manageable scanned history and remove any history from history page
- For any generated QR code, there is available a share option which allows you to share anywhere
- For any generated QR code, you can update anytime and updated QR code is saved in your storage
- Manage and remove generated QR code
- Clear History and generated QR codes from setting
- Manage history storage from setting
- Avoid duplicate history from setting
- No internet connection required

QR codes and Barcodes Scanner scan product's barcodes and QR codes in shopping mall and this app helps you to compare product price with the original product prices. This QR code reader and barcode scanner is very fast and useful app for you daily usage.

Install QR Scanner and enjoy with unlimited scanning of QR codes and barcodes.

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