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Moralnet Description

Moralnet was built with a vision to bring moral and value education to young children around the world, in a way that is entertaining as well as educational. We strongly believe that together, we as parents and educators can help our children create a world, where morals and values reign supreme.

The importance of moral and value education

Moral education is critical, especially for young kids. Today's children are tomorrow's leaders who will shape our future world, and it is important that morality, ethics and values guide their actions.

Where do kids learn their morals and values today?

Children today, especially in the developed countries, are using technologies such as tablets and smart phones to access the internet and play games online. Unfortunately, the games that are available today for children, are built more for entertainment than to inculcate morals and values.

Parents and schools are not fully equipped

Most parents lead busy lives, and often do not have the time to educate their children on morals and values. Morals and values are also not part of the curriculum of most schools. Children are forced to learn their morals and values through observation of the people around them, through television and the internet.

This is a big problem - considering that the little ones of today are going to be the leaders of tomorrow - and if their thoughts, words and actions are not guided by strong morals and values, what will become of our future?

We need an effective medium to reach kids

Since kids today are used to playing games online, an online game format will be the best method to teach morals and values. Moralnet’s Value Game, is designed to meet this need. It is built from the ground up, as an online game that works on mobile phones, tablets as well as desktop computers.

It presents different practical scenarios each of which requires a moral choice to be made by the child. Each scenario helps the child to learn a specific value such as honesty, kindness, caring, sharing, respect, effort, determination, unity etc. Since the format is like a game, allowing the child to progress through various levels, with sound effects and rewards that provide positive reinforcement, it is very interesting for children to play and learn effectively.

We need a platform for collaboration

We need a platform that will allow parents and educators around the world, to collaborate and produce a rich library of content to educate our children on morals and values.

Moralnet provides an easy to use platform that enables parents and educators to easily create their own moral scenarios and include it as part of the game that the child plays. This flexibility is important because they can include examples and scenarios that are relevant to their local community and customs.

Children need a library of moral stories

Stories are another great medium to teach young children morals and values. Moralnet's Moral Stories section contains interesting illustrated stories that helps children learn valuable life lessons such as hard work, determination, responsibility, foresight, collaboration, empathy, etc. It also educates children about nature and helps them learn to live in harmony.

Families need a safe space online

Children and their parents need a safe space online where they can communicate easily. Moralnet's Family Corner feature allows children to share messages and pictures describing what they did at home/work/play with their parents. Likewise, parents can share their thoughts and pictures with kids. These thoughts, messages and pictures can be saved permanently in the cloud in a secure manner, as part of their family memory.

Being parents ourselves, we built Moralnet to teach our own young children. They have benefitted from it and we hope that your children will benefit as well. Join us and together, we can create a brighter future for our children!

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