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Fingerspelling Pro for Kids

Fingerspelling Pro for Kids

Learn and play alphabets games in sign language. Fingerspelling Pro...
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Fingerspelling Pro for Kids Description

Learn and play alphabets games in sign language.

Fingerspelling Pro for Kids is designed and developed for kids to learn, practice, and play games of the alphabets in sign language. This app show kids the handshapes of letters in sign language and teaches them to recognise handshapes as they appear.

The games include Quizes, handshape sorting, and puzzles where a child learns the alphabet in order, matches the hand sign to the correct letter and many more. Each game has an inbuilt text to speech replay for Hearing kids to learn how to pronounce letters.


1. Twenty-six handshapes in sign language.
2. Text to speech replay of letters by clicking handshape.
3. Learning the alphabet in sign language to fingerspell from A to Z.
4. Fingerspelling Quiz by clicking and dragging a letter to match random handshape.
5. Handshape sort game
6. Handshape puzzle game
7. Parental Gate - to prevent kids from following links out of the app to our website without the knowledge of their parents.

Go to www.deafelimuplus.co.ke to learn more about Deaf eLimu Plus. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @deafelimuplus for updates information.

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