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Can-do Roo counting

Can-do Roo counting

Kids count as they touch each object once until all...
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Can-do Roo counting Description

Kids count as they touch each object once until all the objects on the screen have been counted. Next, they touch one of the numerals at the bottom of the screen that corresponds to the quantity of the objects counted.

If the child is correct, Can-doo Roo will respond positively with a jump or a spin, and then Roo holds up an arrow, which when pressed leads the player to a new screen to touch and count the next set of objects.

If the child presses the wrong number, Can-do Roo will look disappointed or nod negatively for just a second, but instantly Roo will turn with a smile and motion the child to try again.

Simple, visual, text-free instructions make this game easy for kids of all ages to play.

Does NOT contain advertising or in-app purchases.

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