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AlfuBe is the old Kurdish ABC book in App form....
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AlfuBe Description

AlfuBe is the old Kurdish ABC book in App form. Written by Ibrahim Balder AlfuBe is the oldest most appreciated Kurdish language learning book. Now we made it an App for all to benefit its ease to use and simplicity. The App follows the same book sequence of pages and style to learn Kurdish language reading and writing.
The App features:
• Learning Kurdish Alphabet.
• Read and Write letters.
• Read and write simple words.
• Read short paragraphs.
• Learn simple short songs.
• Simplicity and ease of use.

Please Note:
* This app dose not replace the book nor the teacher, it helps learning faster.
** AlfuBe is one of the applications of (YAR) learning helper, for more info please visit our site www.zanst.net

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