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Wiglet Hatchery

Wiglet Hatchery

The Wiglet Hatchery is an experimental playground for exploring the...
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Wiglet Hatchery Description

The Wiglet Hatchery is an experimental playground for exploring the wacky world of wiglet genetics, and distributing them throughout the world using the geolocation capabilities of your iPad or iPhone.

What is a wiglet?

A wiglet is a floppy cartoon character that has a mind of its own. The genes of two wiglets can be combined to make endless variations. You can feed your new wiglet to help it grow faster, and discover which traits it inherited from the original two. Sometimes the resulting wiglet is funny and cute, and sometimes it is very very sad. You can never know.

After you have come up with a cool wiglet, you can give it a name and "drop it into the world". The wiglet disappears from your app and becomes a red dot on a map. Then, anyone else using the app will be able to open up their map and see the red dot for your wiglet. They can even pick up your wiglet and do their own genetic experiments!

You can roam around and find wiglets that other people have dropped off, collect them, and breed them with your own. It's a world-wide genetics experiment that is meant to be fun. Giggling is allowed.

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