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Police Sounds - Soundbox

Police Sounds - Soundbox

Welcome to the Ultimate Sound FX experience! "Police Sounds" is...
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Police Sounds - Soundbox Description

Welcome to the Ultimate Sound FX experience!

"Police Sounds" is the perfect app for Sound Effects enthusiast.

Featuring our unique Smart Multitrack system, you will be able to create a complete soundtrack, with environment and dozens of police related sounds.

With over 100 sounds, you will be able to create the most amazing battles ever. Orchestras, environments, explosions, gun sounds, including gun shots and reloads, radio calls, morse code, and much, much more.

• Megaphone / Bullhorn
» 19 realistic lines using a megaphone, including the popular "Pull over!", "Get down" and "You are under arrest!"

• Sirens
» 10 different sirens from all over the world.

• Radio Dispatch
» 22 radio dispatch lines lines

• Guns
» 68 weapon sounds, including stun gun.

• Orchestras:
   » Over 40 loops from 19 different themes:
   » Epic
   » Fields of Honor
   » Inception
   » Infiltrator
   » Treasure Island

Disclaimer: This app is for entertainment use only. For more information visit InfinityOneStudio.com/Legal.

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