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Life Budget - Personal Finance & Money Management

Life Budget - Personal Finance & Money Management

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Life Budget - Personal Finance & Money Management Description

Life Budget - Personal Finance & Money Management


If you want to know where you have spent your money and how you can control your expenses then Life Budget is a great FREE personal finance solution for you. Life Budget helps you save your expenses and incomes through surprisingly simple and stylish interface and manage your money with useful and uncomplicated reports.

Have you allocated a certain amount to your daily commutes? Or do you wish to manage the amount you spend on coffee? For a wide array of expenses that you wish to curb, you could be updated about how long you have to wait to reach your goal and how much you need.

You can create custom categories for your incomes & expenses with custom icon and color. Now after every transaction you can enter your earnings & expenses fast and simple. You can also have the location and image of your receipt attached to your transaction and check all your receipts with a click of a button.

Using Life Budget, you can have your bills recorded ahead of their due date and, of course, wait for the Life Budget reminder. Moreover, in the case of certain periodic expenses/earnings, all you have to do is enter the information the first time; Life Budget will take care of the other times.

Life Budget enables you to track certain expenses using tags. For instance, you can tag the expenses related to your girlfriend as #gf and have everything managed easily.


- Astounding and stylish design
- Saving the receipt image and location of transaction
- Submitting transaction bills before due date
- Reminder before due date
- Submitting periodic expenses & incomes
- Various weekly/monthly/yearly reports
- Location-based reports
- Supporting multiple languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Persian
- Supporting most popular currencies
- Unlimited customizations for income/expense categories
- Unlimited tagging on transactions and report-base tracking

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