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BabyExpenses is an intuitive and easy to use app tailored...
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BabyExpenses Description

BabyExpenses is an intuitive and easy to use app tailored to tracking various expenses for a child separately from your other expenses. Record your expenses on the go, and know where you stand with regards to spending on your child.

With BabyExpenses you can customize expense tracking to make it your own. Didn't find a spending category bucket that fits a unique expense for your child? No worries! Define your own expense categories as you go!

That’s not all. Here is a brief summary of the rest of the features:

- Review and Edit Your Expenses: Wondering what purchase broke you budget this month? Review your individual expenses and make edits or add remarks!

- Your expenses at a glance: You expenses are grouped by categories in your reports, so you can see at a glance where most of your money goes. With Baby Expenses app, you know where you stand at any given time.

- Customizable reports: Wondering how your spending changes from season to season? The answer is only a few taps away! With versatile reporting capabilities, you will be able to see how much money you spent last month, year-to-date, and beyond. You can even define custom date ranges, during which you would like to see your expenses.

- Export, Print, or E-mail Your Reports: Want to share your spending with your spouse? Or perhaps what to "surprise" your child with a "bill" for their care on their 18th birthday? We've got you covered! Generate text reports or spreadsheet-compatible CSV files and send them via e-mail. You can also preview and print your reports as tables.

- Rapid feedback: Didn't see what you wanted to? Have a burning feature request, or an FYI suggestion? E-mail directly to the developer from within the app. How's that for the excellent customer support?

More features are coming. Stay tuned!

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