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TVM Manager Free

TVM Manager Free

-TVM Manager Free is a simple, but powerful tool that...
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TVM Manager Free Description

-TVM Manager Free is a simple, but powerful tool that offers Cost-Benefit-Analysis formulas at the touch of your finger. Results can quickly, be modified to see the outcome of different scenarios.

-TVM Manager has the ability change and save the decimal place of the multiplying factor in order to match different “Factor Tables” from other reference material. For example if you commonly use “Factors Tables” that are accurate to the 4th decimal place, you can set TVM Manager to calculate only to the 4th decimal place on the multiplying factor. This will insure that the results will match the tables that you commonly use.

-TVM Manager also offers a help menu with detail examples showing how the different equations work.

-List of formulas that TVM Manager offers:

1 - Single Payment Compound Amount
Converts to F given P.
Symbol = (F/P, i%, N)

2 - Single Payment Present Worth
Converts to P given F.
Symbol = (P/F, i%, N)

3 - Capital Recovery
Converts to A given P.
Symbol = (A/P, i%, N)

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