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Journey Bookkeeping

Journey Bookkeeping

【Introduction】 ‘My journey’ is a bookkeeping software designed to track...
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Journey Bookkeeping Description


‘My journey’ is a bookkeeping software designed to track expenses during a trip.
The interface is simple and easy to operate.

Independent journey book: Different journey book for different trips; Each book can add an unique beautiful cover ~

Card list: Beautiful design, clear display of journey book and all kinds of spending information;

Expense statistics: Independent date line chart, category pie chart, to help you quickly analyze the consumption situation at a glance;

Fully customized: To meet your various needs, each expense category can be fully customized;

Travel album: Put all expense with photo together, easy for reviewing the trip;

Map display: Recording while traveling, add address information to the expense items, it helps to recall the unique place;

Favorite collection: Add collection mark on the meaningful expense items to generate your satisfied photo wall in the personal home page;

Bookkeeping reminder: Custom daily reminder time, no need to worry about forgetting bookkeeping during the trip;

Data security: After logging into the account, the accounting data can be synchronized in real time to prevent loss;

If you have any comments or suggestions, please send email to [email protected] Thank you.

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