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Bezel Jewel Smasher FREE

Bezel Jewel Smasher FREE

The cake very lovely, cherub and colorful that only at...
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Bezel Jewel Smasher FREE Description

The cake very lovely, cherub and colorful that only at "Bezel Jewel Smasher". Be quick to join and explore the world of "Bezel Jewel Smasher". Along with simple rules, you just touch the group which have similar images to make them explode. By default, the outside cells will be transfered inside automatically, trying to destroy all the cells in fixed time to unlock the next round .
"Bezel Jewel Smasher" has the vibrant sound, with cake icons very adorable. "Bezel Jewel Smasher" there are colorful backgrounds and compelling challenges with the different levels. Let's conquer all challenges .
The special function of "Bezel Jewel Smasher" is the Leaderboard, you can accumulate points and easily compare with international friends. Be the first to overcome all challenges and topping the Leaderboard with your strong competition .

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