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Colorful Bezel Jewel FREE

Colorful Bezel Jewel FREE

Welcome to the game "Colorful Bezel Jewel". Let's enjoy the...
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Colorful Bezel Jewel FREE Description

Welcome to the game "Colorful Bezel Jewel". Let's enjoy the sound very vibrant, bustling and colorful cakes . Do not hesitate, get join with game " Colorful Bezel Jewel" to be experienced all the modern features and attractive challenges right now.
The rule of game "Colorful Jewel Bezel" very simple, you just touch the 3 cells with the same shape into a right triangle. Each cell is equivalent to 30 points, trying to reach 1,000 points in a fixed time to get the key the next round .
The function of "Colorful Jewel Bezel" very modern and innovative. The most prominent function, it is Leaderboard, with this function you can easily accumulate scores and compare with international friends. Making the plan or strategies to get many points and become the first winner of game " Colorful Jewel Bezel".

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