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Qwik Dice

Qwik Dice

Want to roll dice with your friends, but can't while...
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Qwik Dice Description

Want to roll dice with your friends, but can't while your socially-distancing? Use Qwik Dice to roll a shared set of dice with your friends!

Qwik Dice enables you and your friends to play a dice game without being together in the same room.

To get started, tap Start Game. Send the game code to your friends to have them join your game. Or tap Join Game if you receive a game code from your friend.

Everyone that has joined the game will see the dice rolls of every other player. Tap the profile icon in the game room to set your name so other players can see who is rolling the dice.

Double-tap one of the colored dice to keep it from being rolled. Double-tap again to add the die back in.

Note: Qwik Dice is not a game in itself. Its purpose is to let you and your friends play a dice game when you're physically separated.

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