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Aquamoto Racing HD

Aquamoto Racing HD

Water motor racing is an very exciting boat racing game....
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Aquamoto Racing HD Description

Water motor racing is an very exciting boat racing game. This game bring you to a cool and comfortable world with water. It’s really difficult with many obstacles along the way. Collect the coins along the way to get more score, then unlock new boat. You can tap the screen to speed up, or take the nitro icons to speed up and become immortality in about 2 seconds. You also can tap on the jump button to avoid obstacles.

Install it and have the exciting feeling! You will be absolutely amazed and fascinated by Aquamoto racing.

Many features in Aquamoto racing as: full FREE Game, no SMS, no recharge, Image sharpness (in Full HD screen and tablet), good scene, realistic landscape, beautiful effects, vivid sounds, bonus points system, global ranking with alot of people, compare your score with your friends, game supports more than 40 languages, optional in-game language, automatic switch to native Language, support full native language.

We have 2 versions to respond all your needs: FREE Version (suitable for the average and low machine configuration, however the images still very sharp) and HD version (the same as FREE version, except extremely sharp images even in full HD phone or tablet).

This game is provided by NTGames.

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