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Bezel Jewel Glue FREE

Bezel Jewel Glue FREE

Are you have passionate about foods? Try to play Bezel...
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Bezel Jewel Glue FREE Description

Are you have passionate about foods? Try to play Bezel Jewel game, with the background is decorated with the donuts, candy colors very fascinating, you will surely be attracted by the level of diversity Bezel Jewel. Let’s to discover Bezel Jewel game
Plus, you can easily win with simple rules, you just move the cake or candy same type of 3 or more to make them disappear. Especially, Bezel Jewel also has one more function of candy transfer outside columns into the middle columns to create challenging and unleash your creativity to explore
Along with the vibrant sounds and fun, Bezel Jewel has many beautiful backdrop, cute, sweet, accompanied by the symbol super chatter, you can compete with domestic and foreign friends to create the difference , this is a function of Bezel Jewel Leaderboard

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