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Whealthy: Health Is Wealth

Whealthy: Health Is Wealth

Whealthy: Your Best Health Partner make your every step valuable....
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Whealthy: Health Is Wealth Description

Whealthy: Your Best Health Partner make your every step valuable. Now, motivated by coin rewards, you can lose weight more efficiently.

- Workout
Move your body and get rid of fat with fitness masters! Courses with different lengths, matching a variety of fitness scenes, helps you lose weight, increase muscle anytime and anywhere. Trust me, the distance between you and the perfect figure is just "Whealthy".

- Meditation
The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness. Meditation helps you release the pressure of work and life, remove the burden of mind, improve the ability to manage emotions. You will experience unprecedented relaxation and physical and mental pleasure.

- Breath
Anxious about the fast pace of life and the heavy pressure of work and life? Deep breathing releases repressed emotions and relieve stress. It can also prevent and alleviate respiratory diseases, make the body back to health.

- Heart Rate Monitor
Just tap your finger on the camera for seconds; you can get your heart rate. With Whealthy you can monitor your health status, adjust your work schedule, and work state according to your measured heart rate.

- Drinking Reminder
Too busy at work to remember to drink water? Want to be free from those pesky wrinkles and avoid constipation? Whealthy can solve all of these. Tracking your daily water intake needs, ensuring your body is well hydrated and encouraging with coins, Whealthy is your best partner!

- Sleep Booster
Unable to fall asleep quickly? Can't get enough rest at night? Struggle with insomnia? Whealthy offers you a variety of pieces of sleep music, and you can go to sleep peacefully like a baby by meditating in soothing music.

- Walk & Run
Get active, lose weight, and feel great! Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or an experienced runner, you will find the features and tools you need to keep your pace and inspire yourself to reach your goals. Now, put on sneakers, put on your headphones, and use the Whealthy to track distance, time, speed, calories burned, and other statistics.

Whealthy integrates with the Health Kit; your activity data can be found in Health App. You need to install the Health app first to use Step function.

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