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Fight Club For Women

Fight Club For Women

Fight Club for Women’s sole “soul” Mission is to: connect,...
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Fight Club For Women Description

Fight Club for Women’s sole “soul” Mission is to: connect, educate, support and empower women from all socio-economic backgrounds. Through our Mission, we strive to erase and eradicate the competitive judgmental lines that exist amongst women of today.

The “Fight” is referred to as every woman’s personal “story” – her adversities, trials, tribulations, struggles, successes, victories, that she experiences as a woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter, partner and friend; in life, health & business.

The “Club” is the “sisterhood”, camaraderie, all women regardless of religion, socio-economic or racial background, a safe zone, to share with other women without being judged or competitive in nature, trusting that “what happens in the Fight Club, stays in the Fight Club”.

Getting into the “Ring” is referred to as “life” and how we deal and respond to what happens to us and preparing us to become stronger to handle the “punches” that are thrown our way.
We believe that our “fight in the ring”, helps us to realize our inner strength. With the love and support from women in the club, we begin to experience peace; with where we have been, where we are and where we need to grow.

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