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Baby Name Helper - FREE

Baby Name Helper - FREE

About My App: This is a fun way to help...
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Baby Name Helper - FREE Description

About My App:
This is a fun way to help choose a name for your baby.
I made this while recovering from a broken leg, trying to decide on a name for our baby.

Quick Instructions:
You start with a list of the top US baby names.
Several names are shown to you, and you simply pick your favorite one.
Each time you make a choice, your custom rankings change.
After a while, you will find the perfect set of baby names design for you.

There are several fun options with this app:
Create a custom "Baby Name Card" to share with friends with your customized picture and name.
These cards include (baseball card, work badge, college diploma, checkbook, newspaper article, office nameplate and movie star marquee). This is a great way to see how your baby name will look when he/she is famous!

Social Sharing:
Compatible with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, email and messaging to share your name list or pictures.

Use name filters to eliminate names:
1) Don't want names ending in "O" - use an Alphabet "Last Letter" Filter
2) Only want name starting with A,B,C,D or E - you got it with the Alphabet "1st Letter" Filter
3) You only want 2 syllable names - use the Syllable Filter
4) Only names shorter than 6 letters - use the Name Length Filter
5) You decide to import anywhere from the Top 25 to Top 1000 US Baby Names

Add Names:
Create your own names if it isn't already on the list.
Option to show/hide your last name when deciding on names.

Customized Photos:
Use your own family Baby Photos or just our default baby pictures.

Remove Names:
If you see a name on the list that you don't want, simply delete it and you will never see it again.

Favorite Names:
Keep a list of your favorite names so far.

Thanks for reading all of this : )

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