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Your Rules

Your Rules

This is app to help you achieve your goals and...
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Your Rules Description

This is app to help you achieve your goals and build new good habits.
Aim to achieve bigger goals by clearing smaller goals with this app.

When you did good habit that you want to build, you give to yourself points.
Earn points if you succeed in making an activity a habit - just like the points system on point cards!!
Give yourself a treat when you've accumulated enough points.
For example: Earn 10 points whenever you read a book, exercise, study, or clean your room!!
--> When you've accumulated 100 points, treat yourself to your favorite food!!

Achieve bigger goals by clearing small goals bit by bit every day, rather than trying to tackle the bigger goal from the get go.
Turn activities into habits under your own rules.
This app will help you manage your points.
You decide how you earn points and reward yourself (spend points) through the app.

- Have fun achieving goals -
Have fun achieving your goals by earning points as proof of your daily efforts in a game-like manner. Accomplish your goals whilst having fun at the same time.

- Point Management -
You decide how you earn points and reward yourself (spend points) through the app. You can also change the in-app icons. Make sure you reward yourself outside of the app.

- Affirmation -
Display your main goal on the home screen. Visualizing your goals and checking them daily can lead to achieving your goals.

- History -
Check out your points history through the in-app calendar. Boost your motivation by checking your history when you've gotten bored of the activity. Have a look at all of your past efforts.

- Help Management -
This app can also be used to track chore management and goals of your children, rather than simply your own goal management.
Children can learn self-management skills by managing their own points in the app.

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