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Pleasure Promise Notes

Pleasure Promise Notes

Here's a new way to send sexy love notes to...
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Pleasure Promise Notes Description

Here's a new way to send sexy love notes to your partner with style. Rather than just a plain email or text message, your promise of love and affection can be enhanced with a selection of designs and images. To add a bit of erotic mystery, you can also send a special gold pleasure ticket with your message encoded.

When your lover receives the ticket, they can view the encoded message with this app on their device. Or, they can bring it back to you personally to find out what pleasures you intend for them. Think of it as a ticket to happiness.

Instead of buying a booklet with just a few sex coupons that can't be modified, this app comes with over a hundred sexy ideas that you can customize to match your desires. Choose one when you want to reward your partner, let them know you're thinking of them or when you're just looking for a creative way to spice up your relationship. If you're shy talking about sex, choose a suggestive note with new love play ideas to try.

Start with one of the default note ideas, add in a few extra details to personalize it, send it to your lover and anticipate your fun together. There are a variety of note styles to choose from including: Sex CheXXX, Romantic Notes, Intimate Invitations, Hot Sex Notes, Gold Erotic Credit cards, Frisky Business Proposals, Pleasure Prescriptions, Pick Your Pleasure and Passion Power cards.

The app tracks which coupons have been sent, received and redeemed so you can save your ink and avoid printing your Pleasure Promise Notes. It's faster and easier to send/receive your sexy love notes using your electronic devices.

Let your partner know that their pleasure is a priority to you. Send them a Pleasure Promise Note today and fulfil your commitment for mutual enjoyment when they need you the most.

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