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Shine Bathroom

Shine Bathroom

Hate cleaning your toilet? So did we. That’s why we...
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Shine Bathroom Description

Hate cleaning your toilet? So did we. That’s why we created Shine. The Shine Bathroom Assistant automatically cleans and deodorizes with every flush. With this companion app, you’ll have complete control over your Bathroom Assistant. From setting cleaning schedules to water-monitoring.

Schedule Toilet Cleaning
Track Water Usage
Track Water Costs
Manage Your Bathroom Assistants

Shine leverages automation to create a bathroom experience that anticipates our needs, conforms to our wants, and delivers the care we deserve—allowing us to break free from worrying about serving a room that should be helping us as we focus on what lies ahead.

Whether your day includes dropping your kids off at school, a big meeting at work, or even a first date, Shine ensures that the bathroom is ready to start your day—so you can be ready for the world.

Learn more about the Shine Bathroom Assistant and get yours on our website.

Customer Testimonials

"With Shine, I can be assured the water isn’t running and being wasted… I can also be easily assured that all my toilet bowls are consistently being sanitized and deodorized with an environmentally safe product."
-Ginny M.

"'Alexa, clean the toilet.' Need I say more? From a working mom that shares a bathroom with her two boys and husband, Shine is amazing!!"
-Kristie C.

"Having Shine take over my most dreaded chore is my dream come true. And in regards to the environment, it’s shocking to learn how much water is wasted from toilet leaks. Shine is my new best friend and happens to be saving our planet too."
-Adrian R.

"Wow! The potential of Shine bathroom has taken the most dreaded chore of my wife's hands and eliminated the toxic chemicals used in cleaning a house full of boys! You've made this so simple and eco friendly! Thank you Shine!"
-Jeff H.


"The simplicity of use is the most convincing element of Shine"

"Flush away the old way of cleaning toilets"

"The Shine Bathroom Assistant is aiming to force you out of your toilet cleaning tasks"

"No need to get down and dirty cleaning your toilet with Shine Bathroom Assistant"
-Digital Trends

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