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Quotz is a marketplace app that connects homeowners to thousands...
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Quotz Description

Quotz is a marketplace app that connects homeowners to thousands of local trusted HVAC experts. Homeowners can get multiple bids for AC & Furnace installation from the comfort of their home with Quotz.

How it Works:

1- Book an appointment on our website
2- Our Sales representative will meet you and do an assessment for your home heating & cooling needs.
3- A sales representative will create a project and start the bidding process.
4- Get multiple bids on your project within 20 minutes.
5- You choose the right expert based on price, availability, and their rating.

Why Choose Quotz?

Trusted & experienced HVAC experts
Over 30 years of experience
Get the best price within minutes
Peace of mind with 100% custom satisfaction

Quotz is available in Ontario’s Greater Toronto Area only

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