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Pariox app provides an offline point-of-care solution for Home Health...
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Pariox Description

Pariox app provides an offline point-of-care solution for Home Health therapy companies subscribed to our web-based home health therapy software. Our mobile app allows therapists to document treatments, capture patient signatures, and view patient demographics and schedules with or without an internet connection. The intelligent Pariox app automatically synchronizes all of the therapist’s work, caseload calendar, etc. whenever it detects an internet connection.

Need help getting to know the app? Log in to your Pariox user account on the web => visit the HELP tab => access PARIOX APP USER GUIDE.pdf

The people “behind” Pariox are therapists who own and operate their own home health therapy company. With many years of combined experience in home health, it’s only natural that the Pariox mobile app is the most intuitive, user-friendly solution on the market. Therapists love it!

Find out more about Pariox by visiting our website or contact us 24/7 at [email protected]

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