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Euphonium Routines

Euphonium Routines

Tired of warming up to the same daily routine? Euphonium...
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Euphonium Routines Description

Tired of warming up to the same daily routine? Euphonium Routines creates a new daily warm up routine for you every day! Don't have much time? You can customize your routine as you wish. Improve your practice with this innovative new approach to euphonium practice.

Euphonium Routines has a variety of exercises in a variety of skill categories, including:
Long Tones
Slow Lip Slurs
Fast Lip Slurs
Single Note Articulation
Changing Note Articulation
Major Scales
High Range
Low Range

Euphonium Routines is your new key to fundamentals practice and warm up. Never get bored with this random routine generator.

Note: If you have already purchased the Trombone Routines app, this app is only slightly different.

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