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What song is this? Trinkio is a free music discovery...
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Trinkio Description

What song is this? Trinkio is a free music discovery application that can listen to and identify the music being played.

Trinkio can identify more than 10 million songs and can identify 95% of popular music in seconds.This recognition effect is very brilliant in the industry

1.Music discovery
Automatic music recognition services

2.Top Recognized
You could see list of top song names discovered by Trinkio.

3.Music Library
Play music offline by Importing local music to Trinkio through your authorization.

Trinkio can download music from your Dropbox after you log in dropbox in Trinkio with your account and password.
Then, You can collect songs to your "Favorite", or create playlists and collect songs to your playlists.

Install Trinkio now.

If you find a problem with recognition or other problems, please contact: [email protected]

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