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SpeecherPro - Text To Speech

SpeecherPro - Text To Speech

Save your precious time by listening instead of reading. Ever...
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SpeecherPro - Text To Speech Description

Save your precious time by listening instead of reading.

Ever wanted to absorb information saving time but couldn't because you're reading? Now you can!

With Speecher, you can listen instead of read.

Scan the text you want to listen using your iOS camera, or manually type it into the app and see the magic happen: LISTEN to it!

Adjust the rate speed and save time: up to 2x faster.
Choose a voice that matches your ears: be comfortable while listening. Choose one of the available system voices to have a nice experience.

Use the best OCR technology available with the Maximum Quality toggle enabled - improving the scanned text quality.

Your texts will be SAVED, so you can go back to them anytime you want it.

• Listen instead of reading: convert typed text to audios
• Listen instead of reading: convert scanned text from camera to audios
• Control rate speed: save your time by increasing rate speed and learning fast, or make it slowly to help you
• Control voice pitch: make it confortable for your ears by choosing the best voice pitch for you
• Choose from multiple languages: convert text from ANY language to audios
• Scan text from images with the BEST OCR technology available (full members only).

Terms of use / Terms of Service: https://mebena-speecher-web.web.app/speecherpro_terms_of_service.html

Privacy Policy: https://mebena-speecher-web.web.app/speecherpro_privacy_policy.html

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