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Historic UK Airfields

Historic UK Airfields

Since the start of aviation in the UK in 1908...
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Historic UK Airfields Description

Since the start of aviation in the UK in 1908 many sites have been adopted or constructed as centres for flight. These sites have varied enormously but are all of historical interest. Prior to World War 1 these sites were simply large farmer's fields. In the 1930s during the period of German rearmament literally hundreds of airfields were constructed by British workers followed later by more built by Canadian and US Army Engineers.

During World War 2 these airfields not only hosted British forces but those of American, Australian, Belgian, Canadian, Czech, Dutch, Free French, New Zealand, Norwegian, Polish and Soviet Air Forces. Where each of these nationalities was located is illustrated together with a short historical text about the airfield. A glossary is included as an orientation aid for the many and varied military and civilian units involved. The entire airfield list can be browsed or searched and a word search can also be made of the text relating to each one.

This app utilises Google Maps and is relies on a functioning internet connection for map and satellite imagery.

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