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Masjid Exchange

Masjid Exchange

Features Summary MasjidExchange is an application that provides a community...
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Masjid Exchange Description

Features Summary

MasjidExchange is an application that provides a community platform for information, connection and exchange with Muslim community.

Simple and user friendly interface; App is also highly customizable. App provides information; Prayer times, Announcements, Events and News for the Mosque selected by a User.

Prayer Times
Provides side-by-side display of times set/provided by Mosque and one of the Calculations method based on User’s GPS (Lat/Long) location.
Users can change the Calculation method with a simple drop-down list.
Sunrise and Imsak (Suhoor) time is also shown (both provided by Mosque as well as calculated).
Prayer times can be set manually where time for each prayer can be entered individually.
Prayer times can be loaded with a CSV file for each day, or month, or full year. The CSV file can be uploaded as many times as needed.
Prayer times can be set to be based on Calculation methods based on provided Mosque’s GPS (Lat/Long) location.
Prayer times with Calculation methods can be changed individually to allow Mosques to set a convenient IQAMAH- time after a prayer time has started.

Announcements/Events/News can be a mix of:
Simple text only.
Image only.
Text that includes an image

App Theme and display
App can display a Mosque’s feature image right at the home screen. The feature image can be changed at-will at any time, or multiple times. This is useful to theme the App with each month like in Ramadan, where custom greetings can be displayed.
Users can easily change Mosque and App would update automatically to the new Mosque theme along with Mosque feature image.

App Management
Multiple people can be added/designated as App’s Masjid Administrators (Admin).
Each Admin can post Announcements/Events/News.
One of the Admin can be designated as “Main Admin”.
“Main Admin” can freeze/lock addition of new Admins.
“Main Admin” can delete other existing Admins.
“Main Admin” can designated another Admin as “Main Admin”
These features allow for easier transition to new Mosque management teams as and when they transition.

Mosque management teams themselves can manage all changes and transitions rather than contacting any App developers.
Mosque administrators have a simple interface to manage and operate the App right from their phones (no computer is required).
Multiple Mosques can be added in the same Application rather than installing an App for each Mosque; this provides all users in a city to conveniently connect with each Mosque as they roam around within a city, and or across the country

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