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Match Paring

Match Paring

Born from many voices of the actual club managers! With...
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Match Paring Description

Born from many voices of the actual club managers!
With this one, you can solve the problems of pairing and court allocation!
Randomly selected according to your favorite conditions while equalizing the number of matches!
It can support a variety of sports such as badminton, tennis, and table tennis.

◎ Features of "Match Paring"
・Member registration, editing, and deletion functions
・Search and sort members
・Random pair selection based on conditions such as random / by level / level evenness
・Supports up to 10 courts
・Set the level to 4 levels depending on the skill level of the player
・Match win count / Match history confirmation function
・Customize app colors to your liking

◎ About "Match Paring"
・It was created with many requests through actual club managers.
・It is also used for actual practice, and is mainly intended for use by a large number of people such as clubs and club activities.
・Available for basic doubles competitions (eg badminton, tennis, table tennis)
・Random pairing can be done by any number of people in a short time, freeing you from the hassle of pairing!
・Players will also be shown their own nicknames instead of numbers, so there is no need to worry about losing the pair or opponent!
・You can reduce the burden on the management side and secure the time for practice and games efficiently.
・We will take the opinions of users who have used the application and make it better, so we look forward to your frank opinions!

※ Since the creator is Japanese, it is possible that he is using the wrong English. please note that.

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