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قارئة الفنجان باللغة العربية

قارئة الفنجان باللغة العربية

We will read Falk in your cup and reveal the secrets of the future so that you don’t read your cup!
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قارئة الفنجان باللغة العربية Description

Stop searching now! You have reached what you want
A more than wonderful application that enables you to read the cup on a daily basis, as we offer readings in many aspects of the cup
Readings in general terms for a cup
Work readings for a cup
Health readings for a cup
Readings financially for the cup
Emotional readings of a cup
Advice we give to the owner of the cup from the heart to facilitate the affairs of life, God willing.

Features and features:
Cup images are examined and hidden is revealed
Cup photos are analyzed with the information sent
Reading horoscope fun and full of suspense! Live minutes full of suspense and fun with your coffee readings

Now, wait a few minutes for the cup reader to read your coffee cup when it's your turn, because sometimes the cup reader is busy reading other cups.
You can enjoy the application features from the daily horoscopes, measurement of love, horoscope games, calculation of age, meanings of names and many, many more while the cup reader finishes your cup.
When the insight is over, your cup will send you a notification on your phone informing you that your cup is ready to read.

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