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Gurbani Nitnem (with Audio)

Gurbani Nitnem (with Audio)

Shabad Gurbani, Nitnem, Sikhism, Khalsa, Guru Granth Sahib, Paath, Punjabi
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Gurbani Nitnem (with Audio) Description

Gurbani Nitnem - is the Android Operating System compatible version of our Gurbani App, which is also available on iTunes. You can listen to Paath audio and or read from a selection of prayers.

Some key features of Gurbani Nitnem App are:

• Prayer text in Gurmukhi and English
• Simple interface for listening to Audio
• Background Audio Play capability

As always, we invite our users to rate our App on Google Play, and please contact us if you encounter any problems or have suggestions to help us further improve this free App.

P.S.: We have tried hard to fix the Gurmukhi text as displayed. However, due to hardware compatability issues, certain older Android devices may not display the Gurmukhi text properly.

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