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EZMoney : Free Gift Cards & In-Game Currency

EZMoney : Free Gift Cards & In-Game Currency

Make Money, earn coins, trade them with free in-game currency and gift cards !!!
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akash khan
akash khan
Overall this app is good but I have a big problem with video watching option...we see 15-30 sec ad video but get only 1 coin and it's really long time to make enough coin for our paid, that's so unfair. At least we deserve 5 coins for each ads. Please fix this issue, thank you :)
Posted 2 months ago
Fardin Rahman
Fardin Rahman
Good app.but need more offer option .Like download a app and get point?.Like Play coustom match Free fire Pubg etc.???or normal games??. AND make 5$ google gift card 2500 coins to redeem?????????. so it look good. Otherwise only ads took 10 month and eye gone ok.???????? 2500 point for redeem ok. Google 5$. DO it fast no wait. And how you all get money from it i dont khow?????.but your reveiws answer on play store look that you all trusted ???but dont khow when scamer.
Posted 2 months ago
sAm_X_ Official
sAm_X_ Official
Nice app, But only one thing in this app i don't like That is I am getting very lesser or fewer coins. With That lesser coins i am getting nothing i have to wait till 3 months to get at least 3700 coins Plz solve it i referred it to many contacts But the app is awesome Thank you.
Posted 2 months ago
It is very good app i have taken 6900 diamonds top up in free fire and 2 weekly membership. Bit one problem,the google play gift card is very expensive please lose the money little. Otherwise the app is very good i love it.
Posted 2 months ago

EZMoney : Free Gift Cards & In-Game Currency Description

Are you wondering :
➡ How to make easy money ?
➡ How to make fast money ?
➡ How to work from home ?
➡ How to get free gift cards ?
➡ How to get in-game currency for free ?

You all just found the right application to make some easy bucks , that's why it's called EZMoney !!!

Here's some reasons to install our app:
Our app provides:
• Free Freefire diamonds
• Free V-bucks
• Free PUBG UC (Unknown Cash)
• Free Gift Cards
• Earning free Gift Cards online
• Make money online
• No surveys, hidden tasks or "install app" offers

You probably know how this works .. it's all about earning coins and exchanging them with prizes

So do you want to make some easy money using just an application on your smartphone?
Ofcourse you do!
What makes EZMoney a special rewards app ?

1- Our app provides easy , high paying ways to make money but how is that ?
Unlike many other apps that offers "apps to install" in exchange for some coins
we made it so easy for you to earn coins the fastest and the easiest way,

-we gave you all options to make a lot of coins in a short period of time.
-a swift coin earning system with no surveys or hidden tasks/jobs to do it's all hastle free:

✔ You can check-in everyday and receive coins.
✔ You can watch video ads and earn coins.
✔ You can scratch and earn up to 50 COINS per scratch!
✔ You can check in everyday for 7 days and receive a good amount of coins on the 7th day.
✔ You can refer people using your unique code and earn coins when they start doing so.
✔ You can share our app on social media to earn coins.

2- You will receive 50 coins for FREE to start with when you install our app so you can payout faster

3- EZMoney has many free gift cards choices including : Google play gift cards , Netflix gift cards , Amazon gift cards Steam gift cards , Xbox gift cards and playstation/psn gift cards
with price variety going as low as 5$ ONLY ! to 10$,20$,30$,50$,60$ and 100$.. PayPal Balance too (coming soon!)
Also FREE IN-GAME Currency is available : (example: free firefire diamonds)
you can exchange your coins with your favorite Smartphone/pc games in-game currency such as:
Garena Free Fire Diamonds , PUBG Mobile Unknown Cash (UC) and Fortnite V-Bucks!
Hence,you can enjoy playing your beloved games and buying skins and passes basically for FREE!

4- We have the lowest payout prices! as low as 900 coins only! it means that when you install our app , you're 850 coins away from your first payout , we also kept it simple for you after exchanging your coins with a prize You will be able to follow your prize request and we will always keep you updated about your prize.
don't forget that all payout requests will be processed within 24 hours!

5-we have an easy referral system that is so simple and won't take you long to start making coins from it.

So why installing EZMoney?

⚫It's never too hard to earn coins using our app.

⚫You will be able to redeem your free money/gift cards/in-game currency with no struggle.

⚫All offers are always available and will always earn you coins.

⚫It won't take you forever to get coins.

⚫You will be able to payout so fast if you know how to use our app. (You will find instructions inside the app!)

➡Always keep in mind that if you can make 100 coins you can make 10000 coins.

Start MAKING MONEY using our app now , try it you won't regret or you'll be missing a lot of $$$

DISCLAIMER: Registered names and trademarks are the copyright and property of their respective owners.Use of this Application constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use and Privacy Policy.

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