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Pentair Home

Pentair Home

Take charge of the water in your home! with Pentair Home app.
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Pentair Home Description

Take charge of the water in your home! The Pentair Home app delivers a connected experience for home water management, giving you peace of mind.

Everything’s under control with Pentair Home. The dashboard provides easy-to-access information of all devices connected to your account and can provide:

Remote Monitoring at Your Fingertips: With a simple swipe on your smartphone, get instant status information and monitor your Pentair water devices.

System Alerts Anytime, Anywhere: Lets you know when equipment or a condition needs attention, helping to assure ongoing performance and equipment longevity.

Information & Help When You Need It Most: The Pentair Home app can help you connect with a trusted water professional near you. It can even send alerts to your designated professional automatically, helping to avoid unnecessary service calls.*

The app currently works with the following Pentair water systems:

The Pentair Home Connected Water Softener
Be confident your water softener is running and your water is conditioned.

Ensure a Continuous Flow of Soft Water
-Receive automatic alerts when it's time to add salt
-Proactively prevent scale and corrosion, protecting appliances
-Track water usage to uncover potential savings
Manage Your Water Without Worry
-Get water performance information 24/7
-Stay on top of routine maintenance of your system
-Prepare for days that you may need to use more softened water, like laundry day or family visits
Find & Connect for Help
-Locate a trusted water treatment pro in your area
-Automatically send alerts to your pro*
-Avoid unnecessary service calls

Make the most of your home’s water with Pentair Home.

Other connected Home products coming soon. For available smart product details and more information, please visit Pentair.com/home-app-support.

The Pentair Home app supports most Apple and Android mobile devices. Some features may not be supported in different smart devices. Some features require a working internet connection, Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth. Use of app is subject to Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

About Pentair: At Pentair, we believe that the health of our world depends on reliable access to clean water. We deliver a comprehensive range of smart, sustainable water solutions to homes, businesses and industry around the world. Whether it’s improving, moving or enjoying water, we help to manage the world’s most precious resource. Smart, Sustainable Water Solutions. For Life.


*Ability to send information to professional is optional and subject to availability.

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