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ArcGIS Indoors

ArcGIS Indoors

An Indoor Mapping System to Enable, Engage, and Empower Your Workplace
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ArcGIS Indoors Description

ArcGIS Indoors for Android provides an indoor mapping experience for understanding the location of things and activities happening within your organization’s indoor environment. Using the wayfinding, routing, and location sharing capabilities to feel more connected to your workplace or campus, see increased levels of productivity and collaboration, and less time feeling the stress of being lost.

Wayfinding and Navigation
With indoor wayfinding and navigation, you will always know where to go within your organization, where your colleagues and friends are, and where there is available space to meet your needs. ArcGIS Indoors interfaces with Bluetooth and WiFi indoor positioning systems to show users where they are on an indoor map.

Explore and Search
With the ability to explore your organization and search for specific people, activities and events, offices and classrooms, and other points of interest, you will never have to wonder where something is located.

Calendar Integration
With calendar integration, see where your scheduled meetings are located and easily navigate between them knowing the estimated travel times and avoid being late for important events.

Events and Activities
With the ability to see the time and location of events and activities in the map, you can make the most of your time and plan ahead for the distance to travel between them.

Save Favorites
Save locations to My Places to easily find your favorite people, events, or other points of interest again.

Location Sharing
With location sharing, you can make others aware of a specific location whether you’re coordinating an impromptu meetup, helping others locate an item, or reporting a problem.

Use the 311 capability to report incidents to your organization’s Information Systems or Facilities departments for issues with indoors assets or locations.

Location Tracking
With location tracking, your organization can identify your location to support directing resources or others to support ongoing activities.

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