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柔道整復師 国家試験&就職情報【グッピー】

柔道整復師 国家試験&就職情報【グッピー】

Judo national examination and employment information [guppy] is an application that Judo national exam and job hunting can be at the same time.
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柔道整復師 国家試験&就職情報【グッピー】 Screenshots

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柔道整復師 国家試験&就職情報【グッピー】 Description

««« national examination »»»

▼ school time and a little spare time!
Such as in a train or rest time, if used a short time, you quickly can clear the national test past questions of four years.

▼ First conquered all of country trial last question!
The measures of the Judo national test, it is important to be able to answer positively the past questions.
Understanding by solving the problem in the "circuit-learning method" is repeated until the correct answer all the past questions will deepen.

▼ If you clear all the past questions!
By year and sectors, it can be solved squeeze and weak problem.
It is possible to select the problem yourself of the set conditions, past the anxious questions can be solved over and over again until the day of the Judo national examination.

▼ overcome the weak problem with sticky function!
Wrong problem and was, you have the ability to attach a tag to the problem you want to look back again.
Only Kuni試 past question that with a sticky note, it is also possible to review repeatedly.

▼ competition who can earliest!
You can compete or the past questions of national test invite friends who can quickly.
Increases also motivation if with a friend.

««« employment information »»»

▼ strong support job hunting of Judo!
Easy to Find the Jobs in Judo, the favorite jobs you can immediately apply.
Also posted information on the internship.

▼ jobs in Judo seen in the pictures!
Since the employment information of Judo has been the workplace of the photos is a lot of me, also you can see the workplace atmosphere confusing in character.

▼ scout message from the recruiter!
During the job hunting, you can receive a scout from recruiters from companies that have a job.

▼ self-analysis in the aptitude test!
Self-analysis is very important in job hunting.
In the aptitude test can measure the "personality," "society," and "psychological image," "corresponding force," "self-evaluation".

▼ of job hunting question is resolved in "Tell me guppy"!
That you do not know in the job hunting of Judo is because we are carefully described in "Tell me guppy", please read by all means you start from now job hunting.

««« management company »»»

▼ "guppy" the management of the health care job sites!
Operates a job site of Judo (Ltd.) Guppizu is Rest assured that app that was developed.

Guppy Terms and Conditions: https: //www.guppy.jp/support/terms/www/
Guppy Privacy Policy: https: //www.guppy.jp/support/policy/common/

Opinions, requests, If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us to happy @ guppy.co.jp.

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