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Body Temperature : Fever Thermometer History Diary

Body Temperature : Fever Thermometer History Diary

Save Values Track Fever Records Monitor Stats Reports Graphs Charts and Analysis
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Body Temperature : Fever Thermometer History Diary Description

This application is fever records maintenance app which is used to save the records, enter the values and press the save button. This application will maintain the records with all necessary information associated with the entered record, add notes while entering the value. This application will save the tags while saving the values as the user can mark from the body temperature was measured. Use authentic thermometer or digital device to measure the body temperature. Take reading from authentic device on regular interval and monitor fever situations by saving the values and later view the records. This application has multiple options which assist the users to modify the options according to your needs. This application has info and guidelines section as the user can follow instruction suggested by this application. This fever record application is the best application to maintain the records and generate statistical based analysis report. This application will represent the data in the form of charts and graphs. This application is designed in the most simplistic ways which makes it very easy to use, this application calculates BMI of the user and maintain the complete profile of the user.

This application keeps the record of your maximum and minimum temperature to have a healthy and better life. How to control body temperature, learn more about body temperature monitoring and normal body temperature values. You can automatically generate the diagrams and the graph of your body temperature history. Another benefit feature with this Body Temperature App is you can directly show your body temperature record history to your family doctor. This app is created only to save your body temperature values and does not measure your body temperature. This application provides the user to save data and later view history user can view data in the form of graphs also. Body Temperature App provides the user with options to store data and later view history and user can view data in the form of charts. Just enter the body temperature values in Celsius and convert it to Fahrenheit. The can also convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius. The graphs supported by Body Temperature Measure App info are Line Graph, Bar Graph, and Dual Axis Line Graph. It stores the old records and provides you the information about your body temperature which are taken from the thermometer.

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