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Osseous System in 3D (Anatomy)

Osseous System in 3D (Anatomy)

Information about the anatomy of the Human Skeleton in a three-dimensional model
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Osseous System in 3D (Anatomy) Description

It gives information about the anatomy of the human skeleton. In a model in third dimension (3D) highly detailed.

- You can manipulate the model, zoom, rotate, move the camera.

- Display the natural pattern or divisions.

- Text information can be maximized or minimized to read comfortably prioritize the model.

- When selecting a bone, the bone will change color, so check your limits and what are its forms.

- Practical and useful anatomical information Valuable in his palm. Reference to primary education, secondary school, college or general culture.

- Get information on the location and descriptions of bones such as the skull, femur, jaw, scapula, humerus, sternum, pelvis, tibia, vertebrae, etc..

* Recommended Hardware
     Processor 1 GHz or more.
     1 GB of RAM or more.
     HD screen.

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