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Guide to Clinical Midwifery

Guide to Clinical Midwifery

A must-have resource for healthcare providers in the women’s health field.
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Guide to Clinical Midwifery Description

Guide to Clinical Midwifery is a must-have resource for midwives, women’s health nurse practitioners, and all levels of healthcare providers working in the women’s health field. Organized alphabetically for easy reference, it features important concepts, diagnostic tools, algorithms, and management options, including conventional, lifestyle, and complementary therapies, all in one place.

This edition offers current evidence based references, the latest medication recommendations, and midwifery practice pearls. Also provided are recent changes to practice, such as FHR monitoring, hypertensive guidelines, contraception updates, prenatal care, LGBTQIA+ support, precepting, sexual health, and evidence-based practice.

The mobile app contains all of the content of A Pocket Guide to Clinical Midwifery: The Efficient Midwife, Second Edition as well as exclusive content, calculators, and more!

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