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Human eye anatomy 3D

Human eye anatomy 3D

Human eye with 3D model of Eye and Eye parts.
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Human eye anatomy 3D Description

Human eye anatomy 3D
The aim of this Android application is to give a brief introduction to the human visual system, and to briefly explain how light travels with in the eyes and how it becomes sight. The user will be able to Learn about the parts of the eyes, what they do and how they work together to help us see. Eyes are fascinating and powerful tools for processing the world.
Discover how the human eye turns light into sight with this interactive and educational tool.a must have app for kids and students who wants to study human anatomy in detail download our free android app for human eye with 3D model of eye and eye parts.
Click on various parts of our human eye illustration for descriptions of the eye anatomy and read an article about how vision works for each human eye part.
These applications are very useful for medical students or for anyone who needs to explore the anatomy of the eye in detail with high quality realistic 3D models of human eye. User will find answers for most common asked questions about human eye system. Specially designed this eye anatomy app for kids and students of anatomy.
• The anatomy of the eye and the functions of its various parts
• The signs & symptoms, causes & consequences, treatment and prevention of common eye conditions and diseases
• Vitamin A deficiency and its negative effects on eye health
• How to protect the eyes from common eye injuries and ultraviolet radiation.
• What are the parts of the eyes?
• What is the pathway of light through the eye?
• What is white of eye called?
• What is the order of light passing through eye?
• What are the different parts of the eye?
• How the human eye works step by step?
• How many lenses does a human eye have?
• What is human eye and its function?
• How can I pass my vision test at the DMV?
• How do you treat eye problems?
• What are some of the most common problems affecting the eyes?
• What each part of the eye does?

Download for free on Google play store. Caution only for learning proposes.

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